Study Abroad Course List

Introduction: This course list is to help plan your study abroad program. The courses on the list have been approved by the Vice Chair of the Economics Department in the past 4 years. Courses not on the list require additional documentation for review.


  1. Check the list for courses that have been pre-approved by the UC San Diego Department of Economics (updated yearly).
  2. List all courses you plan to take on your Academic Planning Form (APF) for review and prescreening.
  3. If a course(s) is not in the list, please submit course description(s), with your APF, for review.
    1. Please note: review process can take between 5-10 business days.
  4. Be sure to save the syllabi and course work for ALL classes, whether or not they have been pre-approved. VC Famulari reviews ALL coursework to determine
    1. whether the class should stay on our pre-approved list.
    2. whether the class should be added to our pre-approved list.

Disclaimer: Failure to prescreen courses not on list may result in no major or minor credit for these courses.

Key: (VC Famulari will use this language to review the courses presented)

  • Yes – course approved as credit.
    • VC Famulari will indicate how course will be accepted. Example: “ECON 1” or “UD Econ Elective”
  • No – course not approved for economics credit
  • Need more info – if you still plan to take the course, VC Famulari recommends providing her with the syllabus as soon as possible.

Research Assistant job posting

The Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution is conducting our fall Research Assistant recruitment, for positions starting in summer 2020. Each year we employ approximately fifteen research assistants for one or two year appointments, preferably beginning between June 1 and August 1, 2020. This cycle, we are seeking to hire approximately six new assistants. This is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates!

Read more here: https://www.brookings.edu/join-the-top-ranked-think-tank-for-domestic-economic-policy/

Applicants should have a  Bachelor’s degree by summer 2020 in Economics, Mathematics/Statistics, Public Policy, or other Social Sciences with a minor in Economics and will need to submit a cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation, and a transcript. The application deadline is November 15, 2019.


Top tech firms are hiring – send your resume

Looking for a non-academic job in the tech economics or data science fields? Get your resume in front of top tech firms that are hiring through the  Industry Job Fair at the 3rd Annual NABE Tech Economics Conference (TEC2019), November 3-5 in Seattle!


The TEC2019 Industry Job Fair is designed to deliver the resumes of top economics candidates to employers from leading tech firms and other firms hiring candidates with highly technical backgrounds and training in economics. Conference attendees may submit their resumes at no charge (please see below for regular and student registration rates); other candidates not attending the conference may submit their resume as a “Virtual Candidate” for $15. All resumes will be compiled into a resume book which will be dispatched to the employers prior to the event for scheduling interviews during TEC2019 or offline at another time. More info for candidates and employers

TEC2019 Industry Job Fair Employers*:

*Check the TEC2019 site for updates on employers.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with further details on how to submit your resume. Note: Please submit as soon as possible as the first batch of resumes will be sent to employers on Monday, September 23. This represents your best chance to have an employer contact you for an interview at TEC2019. The final deadline to have your resume provided to employers onsite at the event is Friday, October 25. No resumes will be collected for employer distribution after that date.

Interested in attending the full conference? 

NABE Member Early-Bird Registration*: $425

Non-Member Early-Bird Registration* (incl. one-year membership): $575

NABE Student Member Registration (no meals): $50

Student Non-Member Registration (no meals; incl. one-year membership): $80

Virtual Candidate for Industry Job Fair Only: $15

Early-Bird Deadline: September 18

View preliminary agenda | Register here

Brandes Investment Partners Recruiting Information

Every year hundreds of organizations come to campus to recruit your students for jobs that are marketed as glamorous and exciting. Unfortunately, many of these positions offer little chance for junior employees to have a real impact.

Brandes Investment Partners, L.P. (“Brandes”) will be competing with these organizations this year as we conduct undergraduate telephone interviews in September and October. We believe our firm offers your students a post-undergraduate opportunity that is superior to the standard investment banking or consulting job. This opportunity is the 4-year Research Associate (RA) program. Our hope is that you might discuss our firm and the RA position with your students if you find it is a good fit for them.

Brandes is a leading investment advisory firm located in San Diego. Founded in 1974, the firm now manages approximately $25.4 billion as of June 30, 2019. We use the fundamental, long-term, bottom- up, value-oriented approach pioneered by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd to select securities. Our firm is guided by a 100-year vision, a clearly defined image of the firm we want to be through the next century and beyond. At the foundation of this 100-year vision is a commitment to remaining an independent, employee-owned organization.

Brandes’ long-term vision also is evident in the way the RA program is structured. RAs play a key role in our firm’s investment process by supporting analysts and senior analysts in buy-side equity research. The RA position is designed to be a 4-year commitment, which we believe allows RAs to acquire broad experience in the use of various valuation techniques, in-depth knowledge of particular industries, and overall familiarity with the value approach to investing. The day-to-day responsibilities of RAs include financial modeling, valuation, data collection, and industry analysis.  RAs also have significant interaction with both the sell side and senior executives of companies under review. As they progress through the program, RAs who demonstrate an ability to deliver high-quality work are given increasing amounts of responsibility in the research process, including the chance to present to investment committees and to generate new investment ideas for inclusion in our portfolios.

We believe the RA position compares favorably to the standard investment banking or consulting job for a number of reasons.

  • The position emphasizes critical thinking instead of deal execution or project management. RAs learn how to think both qualitatively and quantitatively about businesses and industries instead of rushing to get the next deal
  • RA work contributes to actual portfolio decisions. Unlike investment banking or consulting, managing assets is not an advisory business where one’s work can be easily discarded. RAs contribute to decisions that have a direct effect on client
  • RAs have the chance to interact with management of companies under review (CEOs and CFOs). In the investment banking and consulting worlds, such interaction with top management is often limited to carrying pitch books to a
  • RAs build industry knowledge by focusing on specific sectors. RAs are assigned to an industry team. As they cover industries over the course of their 4-year term, RAs gain historical perspective on industry
  • RAs gain global exposure since many of our holdings are domiciled outside of the United States. By covering international and domestic companies together, RAs learn about differences in global accounting standards and tackle valuation issues that arise in international
  • The buy-side experience at Brandes can help RAs stand out when they apply to business school. Every year there are thousands of investment bankers and consultants who apply to business school, but applicants with buy-side experience are relatively more scarce. Brandes has a long track record of RA’s matriculating to top tier business
  • Brandes stresses a healthy work-life balance. While still requiring plenty of hard work, the RA position does not require the all-consuming lifestyle that a typical investment banking analyst or consulting associate

For all of the above reasons, we believe the Brandes RA program is an attractive option for students with the temperament, curiosity, and intellect to learn about value investing. Again, we will be posting our RA openings in September through your school’s recruiting office, and we will conduct phone interviews for qualified candidates in September and October.

We would be sincerely thankful to you if you could mention the RA position to your students ahead of time.  Alternatively, I would be happy to speak to you about the details of the RA position, our firm, or our interview process. Please feel free to contact me via phone (858-523-3168) or e-mail (brian.matthews@brandes.com) at any time, or visit http://www.brandes.com for more information on our firm.

To some extent the Brandes RA program, like value investing itself, requires a candidate to go against the popular grain, which we view as the pull of the large investment banks and consulting companies. We hope that you will assist us in showing your students that such contrarian thinking can often prove to be beneficial over time.


Brian Matthews

Director, Investments Group

Chicago Fed research department hiring research assistants


In this role, Research Assistants will utilize analytical skills in the areas of Economics, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science to support academic research and policy work by staff economists. Tasks include quantitative research analyses using economic and financial data; computer programming; preparation of briefings and educational outreach materials; and financial and economic database management. The position requires a two-year commitment and is ideal for students considering further graduate work, particularly in the fields of economics or finance. The level of work required is considered entry-level and staff work under direct supervision. This job has no direct reports. This position is structured as part of a two-year program.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts statistical and economic analyses of current macroeconomic, microeconomic, and regional data, and provides research support for the economists
  • Supports the economists in their basic and applied research by following instructions to perform tasks including collecting data, conducting moderately complex statistical analysis, writing statistical software programs, and organizing the presentation of
  • Prepares a variety of charts, tables, and descriptive text for Department management or other staff economists to use in their briefings of the President and the Board of
  • Researches economic topics for economists’ articles; on some of these occasions, the efforts will be substantial enough to constitute collaboration with the economists (or department management), leading to jointly authored
  • Recommends, initiates, plans, and executes research projects under the guidance of manager and department researchers. Coordinates research projects and directs activities of research assistants and other staff, as
  • Performs other duties, as

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Business, Mathematics, or related field with emphasis on quantitative and/or analytical

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of and ability to apply economic theory and quantitative analysis techniques under the general supervision of department
  • Ability to use PC and standard software packages, such as but not limited to
  • Ability to use PC statistical programs, such as but not limited to SAS, STATA, and MATLAB to organize data into files and to perform advanced statistical and econometric
  • Strong analytical and problem solving
  • Strong organizational and planning
  • Strong oral and written communication

Application Requirements

  • To be considered, all applications must include a Cover Letter, Resume, Unofficial Transcripts, and Letter of
  • Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or hold green cards with the intent to become a U.S.
  • Please send your Letter of Recommendation directly to: ResearchAssistantLOR@chi.frb.org and include your first and last name in the subject line of the email.

As a condition of employment, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago employees must comply with the Bank’s ethics rules, which generally prohibit employees, their spouses/domestic partners, and minor children from owning securities, such as stock, of banks or savings associations or their affiliates, such as bank holding companies and savings and loan holding companies. If you or your spouse/domestic partner or minor child own such securities, and would not be willing or able to divest them if you accepted an offer of Bank employment, you should raise this issue with the recruiter for this posting, who can provide you contact information for our ethics official if necessary.

Data science/Statistics jobs at UCSD

Learning Analytics Specialist


The Learning Analytics Specialist, reporting directly to the Director of the Education Research + Assessment Hub, plays a key role working with faculty and education specialists to (1) improve the learning outcomes and learning environments for online and traditional learners, (2) help better identify students in need of support, (3) tailor learning experiences, and (4) measure the results of interventions and ongoing improvement efforts. The Specialist plays a key role in working with faculty and education specialists to jointly identify student educational needs, build working theories for improvement, analyze complex data sets, and develop data-driven interventions.


Research Analyst (Temporary)


This temporary position provides valuable support in the early stage of establishing a data analysis and research team focused on education research. – Gathers and analyzes research data; prepares and summarizes information and / or recommendations. Manages database of research data for projects. – Assists with report preparation and / or analysis for internal constituents. Prepares reports of studies for internal validation and cross validation studies. – May assist with study design proposals and survey instruments. Prepares data for presentation. – Assists in developing systems for organizing data to analyze, identify and report trends. Provides technical assistance on data management and use of research data to analyze and interpret findings. Provides technical consultation on aspects of data management and use of research data. – May assist with evaluation and research of data reporting products. May be involved in researching, evaluating and selecting new data reporting products. Analyzes the interrelationships of data and defines logical aspects of data sets.


Principal Assessment Analyst


The Principal Assessment Analyst, reporting to the Director of the Education Research and Assessment Hub, serves as a campus-wide resource on academic assessment and education research. Integral to this position is the ability to work collaboratively with and serve as a consultant to faculty, instructional staff, and administrators to create and promote a culture of educational excellence and assessment at UC San Diego.

RA opportunity at FRB SF

We are looking for recent graduates to join the Economic Research Department as Research Associates next Fall at the San Francisco Federal Reserve. The positions are two-year, full-time, salaried, and offer full benefits. We would like to request that this email be forwarded to recent graduates and graduating students in your department to alert them of these openings.

Research Associates work closely with economists at the top of their fields on a variety of research questions and real-world policy issues while developing a toolkit beneficial for graduate study and future career paths. Many Research Associates go on to competitive graduate programs. The Bank’s tuition reimbursement program also serve to encourage continued learning.

We seek exceptional individuals with superior academic records and strong written and oral communication skills. Competitive candidates should have intermediate coursework in economics and a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, demonstrated through courses such as calculus, linear algebra, and regression analysis. We also look for prior research experience, demonstrated interest in economics, programming experience, and familiarity with statistical programming packages such as Python, STATA, R, and MATLAB. Applicants must have valid work documents.

The Economic Research Department is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce. As such, we especially encourage submissions from groups traditionally less represented in economics. The Bank recognizes the benefit derived from different perspectives and looks to foster this when reviewing applications.

Please do not hesitate to direct any questions regarding the position or application process to SF.ER.RArecruiting@sf.frb.org. Candidates can find additional information at https://www.fedeconjobs.org/ and https://www.frbsf.org/economic-research/, and apply for the position at https://www.frbsf.org/our-district/careers/search-for-jobs/?job=696405.