Study Abroad Course List

Introduction: This course list is to help plan your study abroad program. The courses on the list have been approved by the Vice Chair of the Economics Department in the past 4 years. Courses not on the list require additional documentation for review.


  1. Check the list for courses that have been pre-approved by the UC San Diego Department of Economics (updated yearly).
  2. List all courses you plan to take on your Academic Planning Form (APF) for review and prescreening.
  3. If a course(s) is not in the list, please submit course description(s), with your APF, for review.
    1. Please note: review process can take between 5-10 business days.
  4. Be sure to save the syllabi and course work for ALL classes, whether or not they have been pre-approved. VC Famulari reviews ALL coursework to determine
    1. whether the class should stay on our pre-approved list.
    2. whether the class should be added to our pre-approved list.

Disclaimer: Failure to prescreen courses not on list may result in no major or minor credit for these courses.

Key: (VC Famulari will use this language to review the courses presented)

  • Yes – course approved as credit.
    • VC Famulari will indicate how course will be accepted. Example: “ECON 1” or “UD Econ Elective”
  • No – course not approved for economics credit
  • Need more info – if you still plan to take the course, VC Famulari recommends providing her with the syllabus as soon as possible.

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Research Analyst

Research Analyst

BW Research Partnership, Inc. (BW Research) is seeking highly-motivated Research Analysts to join the team. BW Research is a small, full-service research firm specializing in workforce and economic analyses, economic modeling, and survey and market research for public and private entities, including workforce development organizations, economic development agencies, educational institutions, municipalities, industry groups, and corporations. BW Research has offices in Carlsbad, California and Wrentham, Massachusetts.



  • Assist firm partners in meeting client needs and deadlines
  • Compile and analyze secondary data (e.g., population demographics, industry and occupational data)
  • Ability to write and describe data analyses and their implications for programs, policies and plans.
  • Coordinate with data collection partners to execute complex sampling plans, check survey programming, monitor data collection, and ensure high quality control
  • Program web surveys using Qualtrics software
  • Conduct thorough data cleaning and processing prior to analysis
  • Conduct in-depth data analyses using traditional (e.g., descriptive statistics and crosstabulations) and advanced more methods (e.g., regression and conjoint)
  • Perform economic impact (I/O modeling), preferred experience with IMPLAN or REMI
  • Develop graphics and write reports to detail the research findings
  • Build PowerPoint presentations that will be delivered to clients by the firm partners.

Required & Preferred Skills:

  • Strong understanding of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, and data analysis
  • Attention to detail, data processing, and analysis skills
  • Curiosity and interest in solving economic and social challenges for individuals and communities.
  • Ability to understand policy implications and evidence-based policy analysis
  • Solid analytic and critical thinking skills
  • Exceptional eye for detail and quality control
  • Some experience with SPSS or equivalent statistical analysis applications as well as strong Excel, Word, and PowerPoint skills
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Internal drive – motivated to produce high quality research deliverables and meet client deadlines
  • Ability to work on multiple projects for different clients during the same time period
  • Motivated to take on responsibility and advance within the organization

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to Josh Williams (jwilliams@bwresearch.com). 

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Student Opportunity – Add Your Voice to National Programs of Importance: Commission on Economics and Community Engagement (CECE)

The Commission on Economic and Community Engagement (CECE) is taking applications for its inaugural Student Advisory Group (SAG) cohort, formed to advise CECE members on best practices for economic and community engagement.

Students are invited to apply to get first-hand experience of national policy and program development as it relates to community engagement and economic development driven by public universities. 

It will offer the opportunity to meet students from other universities across the country, decision-makers in public universities and national organizations, and add your voice to national programs of importance to UC San Diego and other universities.

We invite you to share the SAG Application link with any students you may see fit for the SAG by Noon EST Mon. Mar. 22. SAG description and application details can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Referring committee member will be Paul Roben.

Call to submit research to the Cornell Undergraduate Economic Review – deadline 3/18/2021

CUER (Cornell Undergraduate Economic Review) is Cornell’s premier undergraduate economics journal and is fully student-run.  We aim to cover a wide range of economic topics and keep the focus of each publication relevant to the contemporary issues in economics. The journal is now available on the Cornell Economics Society website.

We would like to invite students from UC – San Diego to submit their research for consideration to CUER. We accept past papers, original pieces, and require no specific topic or length (we accept both longer and shorter pieces). Any assistance in distributing this information to your Economics students (or any undergraduates with related research papers) would be greatly appreciated.

Our submission deadline is Thursday, March 18 at 11:59pm EST. Applicants should complete the following Google form asking them to attach a Word document and fill out some basic information, such as major and college. If you would like more information, we are more than happy to answer any questions at cueconomicreview@gmail.com