The Horizons Fellowship

The Horizons Fellowship supports 200 outstanding university students in their pursuit to become multidisciplinary leaders using technology. Our fully-funded program provides real-world technology courses geared towards high-achieving college students.

Horizons students have gone onto work at a variety of amazing companies – Google, Facebook, Visa, The Stanford Research Institute, Slack, Yelp, Amazon, McKinsey, Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan, EA Games, and more.

Past Horizonites have come from a variety of schools and backgrounds. Students have hailed from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, Northwestern, Babson, Wellesley, Colgate, Brown, Michigan, great state schools, community colleges and more. We’ve had computer science majors, math majors, economics/business majors, biology majors, english majors, and art majors all take our program.

Interested students can start an application here!


RA positions in Stanford and Washington DC for 2017-18 (deadline to apply: March 1)

John Friedman, Nathaniel Hendren, and Raj Chetty are looking to hire several students for their Equality of Opportunity Project pre-doctoral fellows program. These positions will be based either at Stanford or in Washington DC for academic year 2016-17.

They are looking for students to work with them for 1-2 years after they graduate from college (or a Masters program). In addition to working closely with them as research assistants, the pre-doctoral fellows typically co-author papers with other students or faculty. The program thus serves as a good bridge between college and graduate school for students interested in applied microeconomics.

Further details and application instructions are available in the attached document or this website.

They are accepting applications until March 1, 2017.

Summer Data Science Job Training for UCSD Economics Students

Signal Data Science is an 8 week intensive training program that prepares students with strong quantitative skills for industry jobs as data scientists. We teach

  • Programming in R
  • Scraping and cleaning data
  • Exploring and analyzing data using statistics
  • Predictive modeling
  • Presenting findings
  • Interviewing skills

We offer a pair programming-focused curriculum, facilitating students to learn from each other’s strengths. We cover everything from basic linear regression to advanced, industry-relevant methods like gradient boosting and dimensionality reduction. You’ll learn from a combination of lectures, short knowledge-reinforcement problems, and longer, more open-ended assignments focusing on analyzing real datasets.

Why and Who
Data science is a rapidly growing and lucrative field. Students with strong quantitative backgrounds have often developed most of the analytical skills needed, and would be highly sought in industry if they developed the programming, predictive modeling and interviewing skills needed. We bridge the gap.

When and Where
This summer cohort runs from July 5th – August 26th in Berkeley, CA.

Contact Info
If you’d like to learn more about the program, you can contact us at signaldatascience@gmail.com