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Look for this elective in SPRING 2017! ECON 182 – Topics in the Israeli Economy

Look for this elective in SPRING 2017

ECON 182 – Topics in the Israeli Economy

Professor Adi Shany

Here is what students who are currently enrolled in ECON 182 have to say about it:

  • This class is very informative, as it gives an extensive background about Israel’s economic history. It’s an analytical course, without involving math, which is ideal for students wanting to learn about how real-work events and policies effect the economy of one small country.
  • This class helps to put into context all the economic theories we have learned so far in the other courses. It also shows how the theories playout in real life situations, backed by actual data.
  • Because I don’t know a lot about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this class is extremely helpful. Not only is it extremely relevant to the current events but it is also an interesting natural study of a small real economy.
  • Topics in the Israeli Economy are very relevant and applicable case study of how a small country’s economy works. You will learn about Israel’s relations with its surrounding countries and the effects war and immigration have on the economy via graphs and economic data, not having to worry about calculations and formulas.

Class will be held on TU/TH from 2:00-3:20pm.  Section ID # 906260

Course prerequisite:  ECON 100C (please send VAC message to be cleared to add class)

Class will count as an Advanced Elective for the Economics major, and a Standard Elective for our other two majors.

Small Class Opportunity in WI17 – Seats Still Available! Topics in the Israeli Economy…

Looking for a small class experience?  The Department of Economics is offering Topics in the Israeli Economy in WI17!

ECON 182 – Topics in the Israeli Economy:  This course explores economic processes which shape the Israeli economy. Topics include: biblical economics, economics of religion, economic growth, income inequality and consumer protests, employment, globalization, inflation, the high-tech sector, terrorism, and education.
Prerequisites: ECON 100C (may be taken concurrently).

Instructor: Adi Shany (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Adi Shany will join us as a visiting scholar in WI17 and SP17.
She specializes in the Economics of Education, Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics.