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Union-Tribune: Report: Auditors and Accountants Are in Demand

San Diego Union-Tribune: Report: Auditors and Accountants Are in Demand

By Jennifer Davies
Jennifer Davies is the assistant dean of external affairs for UC San Diego Extension.

A recovering economy might not lift all boats but it is boosting the demand for accountants and auditors. The reason is simple: As more companies start up and already established businesses grow, there is a greater need for people who can, as they say, follow the money.

In fact, UC San Diego Extension’s recent “Emerging Careers for 2016” report, which detailed the hottest jobs with the highest growth potential for college grads, found that accountants and auditors were the 10th most in-demand job category in San Diego and the third most in-demand nationally.

Not surprisingly, an affinity for math and an obsession with reading the fine print will help you succeed in these careers. While accountants and auditors might not be considered the sexiest jobs, almost everyone — from the chief executive of a Fortune 500 company to a single person filing a tax return — needs their services.

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