Ohio State Journal of Politics and International Affairs Call for Papers

The Ohio State University Journal of Politics & International Affairs (JPIA) is seeking qualified student submissions to be published in the Fall 2017 issue.

JPIA is a student-run journal that publishes papers written by undergraduate students in the areas of Political Science, International Studies, Economics, Public Affairs, Sociology, and related fields. Publication in the Journal is an opportunity to reach a wider audience outside of the class, as well as a learning experience through the editing and feedback process.

We seek to publish high quality papers that address current events and relevant subjects in the area of politics and international affairs. Ideal submissions are both informative and argumentative, with well-developed theses and strong mechanics.

The Journal typically publishes original research, theses, and essays written for upper-level courses although all majors and class ranks are invited.

If this opportunity is of interest to you, we highly encourage you to submit a paper for publication on our website at http://u.osu.edu/jpia/submit-manuscript/.

The deadline is October 13th, 2017, and submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. We have recently updated our submission guidelines, which can be found here: http://u.osu.edu/jpia/submission-guidelines/, and ask you to carefully review them before submitting.


Accounting Firm HCVT has posted opportunities on Port Triton!

HCVT has posted the following opportunities on Port Triton. For more information and to apply, students need to login to Port Triton: https://ucsd-csm.symplicity.com/students

HCVT 2018 Tax Summer Internship
Deadline to apply: 10/17/17
Job # 841869

HCVT Tax Staff (2018)
Deadline: 10/17/17
Job # 841867

Now on Port Triton: Considine & Considine, Ernst & Young, and Gatto, Pope & Walwick Office Tours, Full-time and Internship positions

Considine & Considine, Ernst & Young, and Gatto, Pope & Walwick have posted their Office Tours and full-time and internship positions on Port Triton. For more information and to apply, login to Port Triton: https://ucsd-csm.symplicity.com/students


Considine & Considine Office Tour – by invite only

Deadline to apply: this Friday, 9/1/17

Job # 841750


San Diego 2017 EY Experience

Deadline: 9/13/17

Job # 841763


Gatto, Pope & Walwick Tax Internship

Deadline: 10/2/17

Job # 841935

What is EconUGBlog?

The Department of Economics hosts EconUGBlog to provide information on undergraduate student events and job/internship opportunities related to economics.

Blog Content

EconUGBlog is an Internet resource intended to promote events such as:

  • Upcoming student organization events
  • Internship and job opportunities
  • Other undergraduate student/department events relevant to the Department of Economics

The blog also provides a list of useful links and archives past events and opportunities for readers to browse and comment.

To view Department of Economics News & Events (such as seminars and research publications information) please visit our News & Event page.


Comments on EconUGBlog are welcome. All comments are moderated and will not appear until they’ve been approved. Nearly all comments on topic will be approved, given they adhere to the UCSD Principles of Community and and ACS’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Economics Roundtable Lecture Series: August 23, 2017, Sandra Krieger, “Facing Financial Meltdown: Reflections of a Central Bank Risk Officer”

Krieger event.jpg

Event Information: http://economics.ucsd.edu/events/economics-roundtable/

Event Registration:

Full-time and Internship positions at Duffy, Kruspodin & Co. and Lindsay & Brownell on Port Triton

Duffy, Kruspodin & Co. and Lindsay & Brownell have posted their full-time and internship positions on Port Triton.

The companies will be inviting selected candidates who apply for these positions for their office tours (listed below).

Lindsay & Brownell Office Tour – BY INVITATION ONLY – 9/26/17

  • Tax Intern (job #840721)


  • Audit Intern (job #840722)


  • Tax Staff (job #840723)


  • Audit Staff (job #840752)


Duffy, Kruspodin & Co. Firm Tour – BY INVITATION ONLY – 10/20/17

  • Duffy Kruspodin Firm Tour (job #840958)


  • Tax Season Internship (job #840941)