Opportunities from Summer Abroad UC Davis Open to UC San Diego Students…

Study Abroad UC Davis wants students to know about opportunities to earn 8 units this summer while studying or interning abroad!

  • Open to all UCSD students (freshman through graduating seniors)
  • UCSD summer financial aid applies
  • UC Davis courses, led by UC Davis faculty
  • Courses taught in English

Create an online interest profile to receive email updates about programs that interest you (it only takes a minute!).  We’ve highlighted some programs that may interest you.

Summer Abroad Internship in Business & Communication

Business and Communication Internships in New Zealand and Hong Kong provide a comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience. Participants have the opportunity to gain marketable skills while learning about professional life in an international context.

New Zealand

July 17-September 15, 2017

Opportunities are available in a range of business-related fields, including Marketing, Communication, Web Design, Event Management, Hospitality and Tourism, and more. A list of sample internships

Hong Kong

July 20-September 15, 2017

Opportunities are available in Accounting, Finance, Advertising, Communication, Marketing, Public relations, International trade, Logistics, Hospitality and Tourism, and more. Host companies range from small start-ups to large global organizations. . A list of placements where students have interned previously.

Visit us online for more courses in culture, history, literature, the arts, sciences and more!

Participating on a summer abroad program will not only have an incredible impact on you academically and personally, but also allow you to incorporate your international experience in your professional career.

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!  summerabroad@ucdavis.edu


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