Wharton School’s Doctoral Program in Applied Economics

The Wharton School’s Doctoral Program in Applied Economics

All incoming students are guaranteed funding for five years. Our Fellowship covers all tuition and fees along with a projected stipend of around $30,000 for 2017-18.

With a 1:1 faculty to student ratio, students quickly become immersed in the applied economics research process as they interact and work with the faculty. With only one year of required teaching and research assistantship duties, students have ample time to focus on their thesis and become a compelling candidate for the job market.

Indeed, our students are well-placed in leading economics departments, business schools, and public policy programs as well as government, business, and consulting. In the past four years, students have been placed at top U.S. universities, such as Harvard (HBS), Duke (Fuqua), Michigan (Ross), Wisconsin, and Northwestern (Kellogg).

Drawing from more than 30 applied microeconomists at Wharton, the Applied Economics program allows specialization in many areas including Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, Energy and Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Market Design, Public Economics, Risk Management, and Urban Economics and Real Estate. Recent students have also pursued interdisciplinary research topics related to Finance, Health Care Management, Management, and Marketing.

Our objective is to attract motivated students ready to start doing research in cooperation with our diverse faculty. Candidates with strong foundational training in economics and who have shown proficiency for and interest in academic research are given the highest priority in our admissions process.

Applications are due by December 15, 2016. Additional information on our program is available at:


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