SP16 Graduating Seniors – Take Our Senior Exit Survey (Gift Cards Randomly Awarded!)


Our majors frequently ask, “What can I do with my UC San Diego degree?” We would like to tell them what YOU are doing with your degree!   Your responses will be incredibly useful to future majors and we want to thank you, in advance, for helping them.

We would also like to reward you directly for your assistance! We will randomly award gift cards to students who:

  1. Have applied for Spring 2016 graduation
  2. Are an Economics, Management Science or Joint Math-Economics major
  3. Fully complete the survey linked to below
  4. Respond by MIDNIGHT on SUNDAY, JUNE 12TH, 2016

The prizes will be randomly awarded as follows:

70 or less responses:                 ONE $100 Gift Card

70-135 responses:                     TWO $100 Gift Cards

135-195 responses:                   THREE $100 Gift Cards

195-250 responses:                   FOUR $100 Gift Cards

250-300 responses:                   FIVE $100  Gift Cards

300-345 responses:                   SIX $100  Gift Cards

385-420 responses:                   EIGHT $100 Gift Cards

Note that you have an incentive to encourage your peers to respond since the per capita prizes are increasing—so tell every Department of Economics graduate you know! Friday, JUNE 17th we will post the first name and first initial of the last name of the winners on EconUGBlog. We will also contact the winners via their UCSD email address.

Regardless of what you are doing next year (further education, job already, looking for a job, taking time off, etc.), we would really appreciate hearing from you.

To complete the survey, follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LMRKYW6


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