TODAY: 2/24 UCSD’s Student Foundation Event: “Meet the Boss” An Exclusive Interview Opportunity!

“What if the interview process was reversed? Want to get the chance to ask some successful C-level executives questions?! Then, come to Student Foundation’s Meet The Boss event! It’s this Wednesday February 24th 6-8pm at the Basement!

It’s free, and you get the opportunity to learn from and network with these prestigious alumni!

Part of Sea of Giving: Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month.
This event will focus on philanthropists and successful individuals in the field of medicine, finance, art, business, law and engineering. They will be asked to share their story of success and answer a range of questions pertaining to their education, career and philanthropy.

Please RSVP here:

There will be a Q & A session as well as free Rubio’s!

– Chris Weil
– Matt Newsome
– Jesse Knight, Jr.
– Sandra Timmons
– Tina Nova

**Student Foundation Donors will have an exclusive meet and greet after the event.”



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