Rice University Announces Scholarships for its one-year Master of Accounting Program in Fall 2016

Rice University has generous scholarship opportunities for a one-year Master of Accounting (“MAcc”) Program in Fall 2016.

The Rice MAcc is different from most other graduate accounting programs. We believe that non-accounting undergraduate backgrounds provide a broad-based educational foundation to produce exceptional future accountants who can be visionary business leaders. Along these lines, our MAcc will only admit students with non-accounting undergraduate majors.

Program Highlights

  • Students will be educationally qualified for the CPA licensure in just one year and taught by Rice’s world-class Jones Graduate School of Business faculty.
  • The program offers excellent employment opportunities for graduates:
    • We expect a near 100% placement rate at graduation. Most graduates will enter public accounting, though there will also be opportunities in consulting, investment banking, and business financial analysis.
    • The “Big 4” public accounting firms consistently rank highly in Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and Business Week’s “Best Places to Launch a Career” surveys.
  • Beyond an introductory financial accounting course, the Rice MAcc has only two accounting undergraduate prerequisite classes, both of which can be taken in a concentrated, summer pre-term format just before matriculation.
  • The program is open to all non-accounting undergraduate majors.
    • Students majoring in such diverse majors as Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology, Music, Violin Performance, Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Sport Management, English, Religion, and Mathematical Economic Analysis are expected to be part of our first matriculating class.
  • No work experience is necessary – students can enroll immediately after completing their bachelor’s.

We have a number of named scholarships, ranging in amounts from $5,000 to full-tuition:

  • James S. Turley-EY Leadership Development Initiative Scholarship
  • Verne F. Simons Scholarship Fund
  • John T. McCants Prize
  • Leonard A. B. Parker Memorial Scholarship
  • Lawrence J. O’Connor, Jr. Endowed Fund
  • Lawrence J. O’Connor, Jr. Endowed Fund
  • Kenneth S. Arthur Scholarship
  • Leon Nad Memorial Scholarship
  • Joe Nelson III Scholarship

And applicants will be considered for scholarships from general funds as well.

Thanks to the generous financial support of EY, one of the Big 4 firms, we also anticipate having two named full-tuition scholarships specifically for members of groups that have been under-represented in the accounting profession. Jones School is a champion for diversity initiatives and we are proud to add another effort in this domain.

The application deadline for Rice MAcc Class of 2017 (which will begin in August 2016) is March 31, 2016, but applying earlier maximizes the opportunities for being considered for the scholarships.

Information about the Rice MAcc can be found at business.rice.edu/macc, along with FAQs at business.rice.edu/FAQs_for_nonRice_Students. Interested students are welcome to contact Benjamin Lansford at lansford@rice.edu.



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