City Internships’ 2015 global internship program

City Internships’ global internship program provides an educational, immersive experience and is structured around an eight-week internship placement with a leading company in your chosen field, alongside weekly career seminars, resume workshops, professional networking events, social evenings and weekend excursions.

By taking part in the City Internships global internship program you’re guaranteed to meet inspiring people from across the world, develop a strong professional network and learn skills that will fast-track your career.

Advance your career. Join weekly career seminars, resume workshops and networking events.
Travel the world. Sign up to the global internship program in London, New York or Los Angeles today.
Challenge yourself. Fast-track your career and discover global opportunities.
Define your future. Secure meaningful work experience in the banking, law, creative or technical industries.

Internship placements are available in banking and financial services, law, IT and technology and marketing, advertising and PR.

City Internships runs programs in spring, summer and fall. The summer program is open for applications until Monday 18th May – sign up now!

Visit to learn more. To apply, visit

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