Cornerstone Community Consultants Hosts Information Event and Internship Opportunities on 1/7/15

UCSD’s newest consulting group, Cornerstone Community Consultants, is offering internship opportunities! Find out more at our Information Event.

Cornerstone Community Consultants is a way for ambitious students to receive hand-on experience in business. Whether it may be crafting a marketing plan, conducting financial analysis, or engineering a grand opening for a client, students are directly responsible for projects that will make a visible impact on the community. With senior professionals from various companies serving as advisers, student consultants have access to mentorship, internships, and networking opportunities. Students can expect a professional and selfless community of like-minded people, career focused events, and practical experiences that very few can boast about on their resumes

We are partnered with groups such as Merrill Lynch, Rosano Partners, Fidelitas Development, Princeton Review, The Rock Church, and more.

This Wednesday (1/7/15) we are hosting an informational session to share about our vision, what makes us different, and why aspiring business students should build the cornerstone of their future career with us. No experience needed, drive for success required.

Time and Location:

Wednesday (1/7/15) 8PM
Otterson 1S113, Rady School of Management



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