UCSD Guardian Ad Director Position Available

The UCSD Guardian is currently searching for an Ad Director, and is interested in receiving applications from Economics and Management Science majors.  The Ad Director for the Guardian is a great stepping stone for students working to get involved in sales and advertising. The position allows for students to work within the community and to build skills as a leader and a professional.

Advertising Director (Part-time, paid position)

The Advertising Director is the highest-ranking position within the advertising department. The position oversees the sustainability of the student-run newspaper, the UCSD Guardian, and subsequently has the responsibility to develop new and innovative way to increase revenue of the Guardian. It is the goal of the Advertising Director to constantly push the boundaries of each division, encouraging a working relationship between all team members that fosters new ideas. This position has the great potential for gaining crucial hands-on experience in developing and executing marketing plans as well as acquiring realistic job experience as an office manager and executive.


  • Day-to-day management of all advertising placement in the UCSD Guardian
  • Spearheading all projects within the Advertising Department
  • Managing and leading the team of Advertising Representatives, by conducting weekly meetings, training new hires, and creating/delegating departmental objectives and projects


  • Must be a current 2nd or 3rd year student attending UCSD
  • Highly experienced in MS Office, Google Drive applications
  • We seek candidates who have strong organizational and communication skills with the ability to multi-task and set priorities
  • Customer service experience is beneficial.
  • Interest in non-profit fundraising and mass communication
  • Leadership experience preferred

Application:  http://issuu.com/guardianaddirector/docs/advertising_director/1

All applicants can send a completed application (link above) with a resume and cover letter to jobs@ucsdguardian.org or ads@ucsdguardian.org


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