Research Assistant Position at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is currently accepting applications for RA positions at our Washington, DC headquarters; all students who will graduate within the next 9 months (as well as current graduates) are eligible for the position.

In terms of workload/life, this position is similar to the RA positions at the Federal Reserve that may be more familiar to potential applicants. RAs will be working with PhD economists, psychologists, and decision scientists on a variety of matters related to household financial decision making and consumer finance. This includes work on large-scale empirical data sets as well as survey design and experiments. They will have the opportunity to hone their programming skills in a variety of statistical packages (e.g., Stata, SAS, R, Matlab), and can use this position as a jumping off point to a variety of career and graduate school options, including MBA, law, and economics PhD programs.

Please apply:

As Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is funded by the Federal Reserve, employees at the agency are not subject to the furloughs that affect other agencies during a government shutdown.


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