Research Assistant Opportunities at the Federal Reserve Board

Research Assistant

Each year, the Federal Reserve Board hires approximately forty recent undergraduate and graduate students to work as Research Assistants. They work closely with the economic research staff, applying quantitative skills to both real-world policy issues and high-level research projects

Qualifying Research Assistant applicants must have an undergraduate degree in economics or in a related field such as statistics, mathematics, finance, or computer science. Applicants should have training in econometrics or mathematical statics, or both. Good computer skills—for example, facility with a statistical package, such as SAS, or a programming language, such as C—are also preferred. For most Research Assistant positions, applications must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents who intend to become citizens. In addition, U.S. citizens will receive preference in employment over equally qualified persons who are not U.S. citizens.

Typically, research assistants work at the Board for about two years before going on to graduate programs or careers in economics, business, or related disciplines. Research assistants are employed in five of the Board’s divisions. Follow the links below for job qualifications in the various divisions and the procedures for submitting an application. To apply for fall recruitment, submit an application by September 30.


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