With spring rolling through San Diego, it’s easy to get caught in the moment. sunny skies, clear beaches, beautiful waves… but none of this helps in the job search, so what are you doing to get the competitive edge?

We have UCSD’s premiere and only Case Competition on April 27 from 8:30 am –6:00 pm. Spaces are limited so sign up HERE. It’s the perfect way to gauge interest in consulting, meet and network along with prizes for the winner. Get your teams together – this is serious stuff.

TCG’s offering some practice this week with a case study for those who like challenges. Rady Consulting Club is also offering a Case Interview Workshop,
which would be excellent preparation for the Case Competition. It’ll also provide great insight for what’s in store during the interview process (trust us, it isn’t easy).

And finally, the Consulting arm of TCG is accepting applications for TCG Consulting Applications. You have the opportunity to work with CPC Strategy in marketing strategy and execution. Email us at for more information.

Questions? Comments?
Concerns? Feel free to contact us at
or visit our Facebook Page here.


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