5th Global Innovation Forum in Washington DC

ICT Powering Constructive Entrepreneurs

  • May 22 – 24, 2013 (early registration fee $105).
  • World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC

Athgo’s 5th Global Innovation Forum at the World Bank headquarters aims to provide 200 promising young people from around the world an opportunity to come together, form startup up teams, and build constructive business concepts with guidance and support from high-impact executives, inspiring entrepreneurs, and prominent mentors, all in an exciting and rewarding environment.

The highly interactive program employs Athgo’s state-of-the-art gamified digital marketplace and its distinct business development design to enhance and accelerate startup success and advance and reward innovations that are profitable and display positive communal and environmental impact – constructive businesses.

Confirmed Presenters Include:

  • Dr. Hamadoun Touré: Secretary-General, ITU;    Vice-Chairman, Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  • Dr. Armen Orujyan: Founder, Athgo Corporation;    Commissioner, Broadband Commission  for Digital Development
  • Mr. Ivo Ivanovski: Minister of Information  Society, Republic of Macedonia

Visit: http://athgo.org/programs/forums/2013/dc/default.html. For more information or to register.


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