Non-Profit Organization focused on Education and Training seeks a Global Marketing Intern

GETDA is a non-profit organization that provides education, training and workforce development.  We offer on-ground and online courses and training to support students, adult in-work professionals, researchers, executives, and globally-minded individuals in their global professional efforts. We publish Articles of interest written by experts in their industry and region of the world. We organize Familiarization Tours to select regions of the world for individuals to see, taste, touch and experience the world around them for academic and business purposes. You may review our website at

We are looking for a Global Social Media intern for a 3 – 6 month unpaid internship. This is an excellent opportunity for students particularly those in business, international marketing, and computer science who want to gain hands-on, real world experience. This is a unique opportunity for students with a truly global mind.


  • Candidates should be – minimally – bi-lingual. In English and the language of the nation/region of the world where your efforts will be aimed.
  • Candidates should be able to display to us advanced, wide-ranging awareness of all the most effective social media (either those using English or the languages) of the nation/region of the world where your efforts will be aimed.
  • Will work directly with the Executive Aide to the Chairman of the organization who will oversee this marketing project.
  • Will have the opportunity to discuss global marketing ideas (focused upon your area of regional/national marketing expertise/interest) that will affect the success of an organization.
  • Will keep in regular contact with the Executive Aide who will provide regular feedback during the campaign.
  • You will be telecommuting from home, though you may be expected to meet personally with the Executive Aide to discuss strategies and ideas, meeting via Skype or discussing this campaign over the phone is also a possibility. Regular communication and progress updates will be required.
  • This is an unpaid internship and does not offer any financial compensation.
  • Based on the success of this effort, we may consider a paid position.


  • Must have own computer (Desktop or Laptop) with Internet access.
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills
  • Experience with any Office Suite (we use MS Office)
  • Advanced understanding of:
    • SEO (Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.)
    • Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


  • Currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Bi/Multi-Lingual. English required, other languages desired. Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Hindi, Urdu, Pashtu, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese etc.

Time commitment:

  • 7 – 12 hours a week
  • Able to commit to at least 3 months

To apply: Based on the first paragraph about who we are, please send us a word statement of at least 500 words about your ideas on getting the word out. We wish to hire multiple interns, to  focus on specific market regions and we will continue to accept applications for 6 months.
Please send your Resume/CVs with a Cover Letter to Daniel Wolf at

For tips on cover letter writing, view tips from the Economics website:


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