The APICS Case Competition registration deadline is coming up and we want YOU to be a part of it! Spaces are limited. This is a great way to prep for case studies and get a taste of the high-intensity atmosphere of consulting. Also, nearly every project manager and board member from this year either competed or participated in a Case Competition, and we all found it helpful! The first deadline is January 22, so contact Chloe Kaliman at  for more information!

Many of us would not have the opportunity to apply to consulting positions, much less high-level companies if not for the work of Martin Luther King Jr. As students, we have MLK to thank for an extended weekend, but it’s important to remember that a career is more than being a suit-and-tie and three-day weekends are more than sleep-recovery nights. Just some food for thought. Continue your job search and enjoy your week!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us at  or visit our Facebook Page here.


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