Introducing Intuit’s UCSD Campus Earn and Learn Program!

Intuit, the maker of TurboTax &, is launching the brand new Campus Earn and Learn program at its first school ever, UCSD!  This is an awesome opportunity for university students to work during the school year in a non-traditional way.  This program is focused on university students working remotely part time with Intuit hiring managers on a variety of different projects – all with varying focuses and commitments. We want to help students bridge the gap between school and work by inserting new university candidates into the Intuit pipeline in a non traditional way that may have otherwise been overlooked in the crowd. For those of you that have applied in the past, we’ve made some optimizations to our application process. Please re-apply through Port Triton. Apply for one of the following opportunities today!  Learn more about these opportunities through Port Triton (applications being accepted through Intuit’s Elance)

  • Enhance a Java Open Source Component-Support Advanced Facebook API Queries (job #765103)
  • Computer Asset Mobile App Designer (job #765267) -TurboTax Student Marketing Strategy Lead
  • Campus Earn and Learn (job #765270)
  • Technical/Product Writer
  • UCSD Campus Earn and Learn (job #765271)
  • Tools Developer
  • UCSD Campus Earn and Learn (job #265272) …and more opportunities to come throughout the school year!

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