CREATE Research Partners

CREATE is excited to announce a new paid internship program with our partners at DHS.  This internship will provide the student with real world experience in Homeland Security working on-site at DHS.  This internship will begin Spring Semester 2012 where the intern will work remotely on a project with the DHS and CREATE.  The project will continue during the summer where the intern will live in D.C. and work at DHS.  A stipend will be provided to the student intern to cover the flight, furnished apartment,  and living expenses.  The student must be able to complete a suitability review,  hold U.S. citizenship, and be available to work on-site at DHS for one summer.  I have attached the full internship announcement. Please circulate this announcement ASAP to  potential applicants as we are on a rather tight application deadline (November 15th).  We apologize for the time timeframe, however this will be a pilot year for the program and we have been working through logistical details.

If you have questions related to the internship, please contact Gigi Ragusa, our CREATE Education Associate Director at


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