Internships at The International

The International, a news platform features articles from a variety of sources on issues of public interest: is currently seeking student interns.

Interns would reporter on economic topics at UCSD. We provide our interns with all the training on how to write for the online environment while maintaining high journalistic standards, a skill that proves invaluable for anyone who may want to break into journalism or write a blog in the future.

A little about us: We are a small, but dedicated team that works unwaveringly towards furthering global understanding of issues through focused investigative journalism. Our team has always been quite young, with most people at the company in their twenties, but we have established very high standards for ourselves. Our goal is not to shape what people think, but to carefully nourish a more perspicacious approach towards consuming the news. We are an independent company.

If you want to dig deeper into what The International is and offers, you can take a look at our editorial policy here:

Finally, apply for our internships here: We can only process applications sent through this link.


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