I-House Student Organizations

Interested in International Affairs? Diplomacy? Sustainability? Global Communities? 

  • What: International House Programs
  • Who: International Affairs Group, Model United Nations, Prospect Journal, Sustainability Resource Center

The International House Programs houses several student organizations with which you can get involved:

  • International Affairs Group hosts a weekly lecture series, covering topics ranging from political affairs and scientific advances to international music.
  • Model United Nations emulates the United Nations by taking on the role of diplomats and forming delegations to attend conferences. This is a great opportunity for students interested in developing public policy skills.
  • Prospect Journal provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates to create, organize, market, and publish an International Affairs Journal. Whether you get involved as a writer, publicist or editor, Prospect offers many students their first opportunity in the journalism community.

Each of these organizations is looking for interested, passionate individuals who want to contribute to UC San Diego’s global community in a new, unique way. The Sustainability Resource Center will also be present to let you know about resources available through their center.

RSVP and find more information on Facebook.

The entire IAG Calendar will be available online here.


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